Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translating her dairy entry 日记 [2006年10月30日]:

When Button arrived in his new place he was a bit shy, he hid motionless in the corners, since from the night he came I heard from his owner, Juicy Peach's (水蜜桃) advice that he shouldn't be allowed on the bed, I guess that he envys and hates me now, even when I tried to feed him some delicious and attractive buns he didn't care at all, moving backwards and letting his little brother Wei BoEr (围脖儿) show off, not only did he eat his portion, he went and ate Button's portion too not leaving anything behind, and he then strutted and took over Button's nest. I told him off and he acted like he didn't do anything wrong, he put out his fat face, narrowed his eyes and tilted his head to the sky. I had to forcefully carry him away, I carried Button back in, but he wasn't very grateful and rushed at me with a big open mouth looking like he was going to bite, he took advantage of me loosing my grip and escaped. I really lost ……

These couple of days I only have one mission, which is to bring him to my side. As soon as I got up this morning I gave the honeymooning Miss Juicy Peach a call, she said it was normal, when she carried him home from her mother's house he wouldn't eat anything either, this made feel slightly more relieved, otherwise if Button gets thin in an instant then how I will explain it to Juicy Peach ……

I've almost finished watching the third season of The O.C., I suddenly wondered why soaps are so watchable, although most of the time they don't talk about any intellectual subjects, but after watching it for a while I feel something for the characters inside the story, after rushing through the episodes I still can't stop watching, even though I'm afraid that I finish watching it I'll feel lonely. All this is the reason why I feel like filming my own soap opera.

Today at the media university that put on Dreams May Come 《梦想照进现实》, before they showed it I talked with some schoolmates, unknowingly talked for an hour, talking with them made me really happy.

When I was on the way home, my friends sent me txt messages asking me why I don't reply to cheeky rumours going around, still that response: Respond to them and they don't humiliate themselves. If their goal is to humiliate themselves, then fine, they've succeeded, they can go and humiliate themselves.

I'm going to go watch good TV soaps.

Translating 老徐 (Hou, hou, hou, hou)

Translation of her 吼吼吼吼 posting:

This blog is about to become very busy, Juicy peach's (水蜜桃) Button (扣子) arrived here today, she asked me to look after him for a few days. Hou, hou. Looking at the pair of them makes me happy.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Translating 老徐 (not talking randomly, talking about various things)

Translation of her 不乱弹,杂谈 entry:

First. Wei BoEr (围脖儿)

I took Wei BoEr out and gave him a proper bath, and I cleaned his ears, cut his nails and checked over his body, the Wei BoEr that came back was like a completely different cat, he is a really clean and really healthy child. Nevertheless, while I was washing him he went through a lot of suffering. When I give him baths at home he never crys out so loudly even though he goes through a lot.

Yesterday I took him to drop by Ou Xiang's (偶像) home, when I left him in the sand pit, I realised he really didn't stop talking to him, in the past when I saw other people talking to their cats or dogs, I felt that those pet owners had problems, in my heart I looked down on them. Now, I'm like that as well, revenge, revenge ……

Only after I got home and felt really tired and fell asleep straight away, did I realise that the stress wasn't only on Wei BoEr. Although I just opened my eyes to say two words, Wei BoEr quickly forgot what I put him through earlier, he looked please and ran onto my bed to play with me, really obediant.

Two. Sweet women.

This morning, as soon as I woke up at daybreak I got a communication from this woman at the office, indicating I really must mend my ways. I'll make every effort to make the sound of raindrops loud and the sound of thunder quiet. Her manner's very good, no wonder she's always making progress, I'm really praising her a lot!!!

The rich young wife caught me on MSN as soon as I went on: As soon as I started wearing Babory (巴博瑞) you blurted it out, hun hun. I talk about myself on this blog from the bottom of my heart: I really do hate her out of jealousy …… although the rich young wife praised on my blog post yesterday: It's the most stylish piece I've recently done. This blog doesn't really understand her meaning, is it to praise my writing, or to say that my articles finally have some kind of style …… nevertheless this blog really enjoys the praise it's been given, like long ago, moreover from analysing the comments there are always ones which like and don't like the blog, the ones who praise all like the blog, ignoring the ones who don't.

Wei BoEr is already fast asleep in a very spread out pose.

Three. Light reading.

I'm reading a book right now, it was just an average book being sold in Hong Kong airport, the cover was one of those really sensational ones: Behind the mask《面具后面的……》making me partly believing and partly doubtful —— another of those overcorrecting books on historical characters. Bad biographies are all like this, especially if it's a politician, it seems that if they aren't angels then they're devils, as a rule these these things shouldn't be believed, what angels and devils, people are only people, nothing more, there're strengths and there're weaknesses. These kind of extreme assessments are really blindly exaggerated. It isn't very persuasive. In comparison, I like reading autobiographies much more, those are real lies, at least it's the author himself who wants to be like a model, we always follow our own hopes and expectations to get along, so comparing it to reality is interesting.

Although, not believing doesn't mean I won't read any more, I'll just read it like an idiot, you say it like this and I'll listen like this, let's have fun.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Career woman, housewife)

Translation of her 职业妇女家庭妇女 blog post:

The small shop still hasn't officially opened for business, Fresh Flowers Village is already buzzing with activity, the topic these days apart from being a few small random things, is mostly centered around all kinds of small workshops that are being constructed, unexpectedly someone has said that they want to work on wool, it is still early on so there is no proper plan, the whole time my older sister has been both as loud as a thunderstorm and quiet as a few raindrops, apart from sweetly playing her triangle in her band, nothing she says should be taken seriously, I'll blame her on here for a bit.

Our lives are really like soap operas, a white elder brother has watched us being lively these past two days, he said this would make a great TV show: how a gang of career women grew up to become housewives. This topic really is fresh. Anyway, after I had my small friend Wei BoEr I felt like I was really living with my own family, the family often has a flower as a part of it; and my little sister peach often goes back home to her husband's family, and she often does both difficult and simple exercises. Despite when I see her I act like I don't want to ……, but she still gives me support …… I really do act strangely …… hehehe ……

There's a friend, I won't bring up her name, as a result of the stupid accident while she was working, acting like it was something serious, but even here I'll give her some support, in terms of eating well and staying warm, since I act as if I have free will, anything can be thrown away ……

There's another friend, since I haven't said a name I won't say any names at all, she seems more and more like she'll be known as a leader, no matter what kind of nonsense and gossip she says, as soon as she gets a work call, she puts on a serious expression and her voice immediately drops two keys: Hello …… whoever calls has no way of knowing what she was just talking about. Please, hello, sorry, thanks, bye.

And there's another friend who's come back for a break from an uncomparably cold place. She doesn't fight tigers and yet she's wearing a loose military hat, I haven't heard her giggles for ages, recently she's hurried to attend something in GuangDong or Manchuria, she's still going everywhere showing off with her silk stockings.

And there's yet another friend, of course being a rich wife lets you live happily, her msn name apart from advertising her boyfriend's film, always has something to do with fighting the landlord, nevermind Gui Ling (龟苓膏) ointment, nevermind Yi Fan San Zha (一反三炸), they say your dreams all have some kind of sign, recently she's still wearing Barbary (巴博瑞) ……

And and there's yet another friend, after I pushed him on marriage, up to now there hasn't been a sound from him, I won't urge him anymore, the emperor doesn't get hurried, the eunuch gets hurried. If he isn't quick and there is some development, and it's been reported to me, then I won't invite him for any meals.

On my main blog, there are still many internal and external affairs I need to do, I won't say if I'm a career woman or housewife, I want to attain both of them, I really admire myself, no need to be stiff.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Blog's one year anniversary random post)

Translation of her anniversary posting 写博整整一年乱弹:

I went for a trip to Hang Zhou, Miss Bo and me found four things that we had lost: my watch and glasses, Miss Bo's boarding ticket and identity card, the former were in a room in hotel, the latter were found in the airport lounge under someone's bottom, they were found one after the other.

Anyway, finding again what you lost is always a good thing, compared to that time in winter when I lost my cloak outside, I walked and walked and lost my purse just like that, at the airport I turned my eyes away for an instant and unusually my sunglasses disappeared. The overcoat and so on sounds a bit better.

How can I go outside without worrying?

My home's starting to feel cold, I must turn on the electric heater now. Winter is coming again.

I haven't watched a film for ages, I've been watching American sitcoms non-stop, one season after another. The new books I bought, apart from a few, I haven't read most of them and I'm still incessantly buying them. I keep hoping that I'll have time to read them one day. Of the books which I bought and haven't read, they can be traced back to more than a year ago.

When it gets to a certain time at night, Wei BoEr (围脖儿) will always go insane for a short while, running around with sinister intentions, leaping really high for no reason at all and testing his strength with anything that's on the floor, afterwards he loses interest and goes to sleep very tranquilly.

Up till now, I've written in my blog for a whole year, 365 days. It's high-density, even I admire it highly, there're probably around 200 articles now. I've had a lot of times where I felt I couldn't stop even though I wanted to, even if it was nonsense I wanted to talk about it, in reality there were many times I thought of not writing any more, at most after a day I'd decide to give up the idea. Afterwards I'd be staring at the blank page not knowing what to write. And then I'd write even more than usual, anyway if I want to be chatty then I will be, who knows anyway, nine times out of ten after I've finished being wordy my mind would be at ease and I'd feel comfortable.


Today in the early morning I flew to attend Hang Zhou's Confession of Pain《伤城》 press release, Confession of Pain is the first time in four years that I've acted in a film directed by someone else, suddenly I realised that it's only when I'm acting that I really feel carefree. As if I'm going on holiday, I usually hurry over, Beijing, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Beijing, my wardrobe at home at the same, expanding in proportion, many many times I've raised the limit.

Always working makes me feel like I've gotten tied up, always resting feel like I've been sleeping for a hundred years.

I'm not sure what's going on in my head, random international songs always seem to come out from it.

In the TV, in the newspaper, all kinds of wars, nuclear tests, retaliations, sanctions, a hundred of you die and a thousand of mine die, they don't see with their eyes, ears, in the past few hundred years has the whole world ever had a few days of peace, mankind is just steeling itself with all kinds of war, looking at other people with hatred, wasting away time, in an instant, another few hundred years have gone by. As if this is not enough, films have it too, more fighting, non-stop fighting, jumping to fight each other, flying to fight each other, fighting with open eyes and closed ones, flowing out from Asia to the world, beautiful isn't it? Fine, fight, if the fighting doesn't get to you, the fact that it's annoying will.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Translating 老徐 (I entered the article wrongly, deleting it)

Tranlsation of her very very short entry 此篇发错,删除:

Originally I thought I'd be secretly lazy but I ended up sending it wrong, today at 16:50, I'll definitely write later.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translation of her 日记 [2006年10月22日] dairy entry:

Coming home, after eating I went to send mum something, I saw me and my little brother's photos when we were young, Xu TuHu (徐屠户) (Bottom left) as expected, from when we were little we were a small pair of optimistic faces ……

The day after tomorrow I need to leave again, Confession of Pain《伤城》 is starting to be publicised. This stop, Hangzhou.

Yesterday, while I was dubbing at the harbour, I saw they had all my performances, not bad, they had pretty much everything. The endings were still pretty emotional …… Liang ZhaoWei (梁朝伟), is THE film god, only seen a few scenes, it was acted out really well. As for me …… I can't say much …… everytime I act I feel like I'm a different person.

Recently, my blog's gone through phases of where I'm too lazy to write, so …… I'll shut up.

Translating 老徐

Translation of her dairy entry 日记 [2006年10月21日]:

Yesterday I went to the harbor, there was a problem with my visa, I was detained at the immigration office for two hours …… luckily I brought a book to read, when Miss Bo and the rest were trying to think of a way out, I changed their attention to something else. Carefully looking at the 1891 New Orleans migrant problem and the jury and how important an article it was. The change had a big effect; even more luckily relying on their musical friends to help them, smoothly entering the country, without being repatriated.


At the harbour again, living in the same room, tonight dubbing Confession of Pain《伤城》, I'm curious about it myself, I'm not sure what the film will be like after the cutting. Like Wei BoEr (围脖儿), I don't know if that big dependant bag is thinking about me ……

Just before work, walking around the streets.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Countdown to the charity sale)...

Translation of the 义卖进入倒计时…… entry:

Changed to a different computer, as expected I found the photos I was looking for, the small shop called fresh flowers village is just about to sell my first piece of clothing for charity, a white silk half-dress, the one worn by the person in the middle of LanKa 《兰卡》.

There are several items later on …… I can't find some of the picture files any more, I'll rephotograph ……

Translating 老徐

Translation of her 日记 [2006年10月16日] entry:

These days I'm not lacking anything, everyday I eat some delicious beef, Tai Fei (太妃)'s sweet ice cream has crept into my deep dreams. My new apple notebook has arrived, there are so many good people, thanks. My pussycat is getting fat very quickly, I've got many many books on redecorating. Retirement probably feels likes this. The wind is blowing, there's still only half the sunshine, work is at the back of my mind, I can't be bothered with it, there's nothing that absolutely must be done. This winter, I'll sleep when it's cloudy, when it's a fine day I'll just hide at home admiring the warm sunshine.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Lose weight, lose weight)

Translation of the even shorter 减肥减肥:

Ate two excellent buns (妙鲜包), slept for a hundred winks ……

Translating 老徐

Translation of her (very short) 日记 [2006年10月15日]:

What's going on, it's lost again, I wasted my time writing again, I can't take it any more. This time I'm not going to exercise my patience, I got up really early. I lost it, so I'm not writing any more. Bye.

Translating 老徐 (Meat on the hob)

This is my translation of 徐静蕾's post on 滚刀肉:

Two of my schoolmates today went to jump on the aerobic gym's exercise ball. After no more than two rounds, their heads were already covered in sweat. They couldn't keep up with the rhythm at all. As schoolmate Liu (刘同学) took off her glasses she had a very innocent look in his eyes. Schoolmate Xu (徐同学) hugged the ball and bounced around everywhere like some big live prawn. Our course here has a lot of stuff, tomorrow latin dances, the day after shadow boxing, schoolmate Xu and schoolmate Li decided to have a go at all of them. Applause. Thank you.

After doing sport, I felt comfortable, I felt relaxed all over. My mind was refreshed. I felt like an athlete, other people say that I describe myself like a holy expert (瑜伽高手) of the gymnastic ball. Of course, someone's already exposed schoolmate Xu: You've only gone through a single lesson …… Schoolmate Xu isn't ashamed but rather feels honored, what about it? Even the Olympics say it: Keep participating. Or just the same meaning as: don't seek to be the best, seek to be better. Schoolmate Xu just compares with herself. Is there progress? Yes, yes. That's good, good, good. Schoolmate Xu's biggest strong point is this: she's honest to herself. Schoolmate Xu's mum said long ago, Schoolmate Xu is just meat on the hob. (滚刀肉)

Schoolmate Liu isn't meat on the hob, schoolmate Liu sometimes doesn't make any progress, for instance, today there was an action which she couldn't do in any way. The teacher called her name out three times but she shamelessly said: ……Ah……No……, making the muscular, fair-skinned teacher ask the other students to applaud and encourage her. Schoolmate Xu, naturally glad at Liu's problems beat her palms with the other schoolmates. Making schoolmate Liu wipe her eyebrows and with drooping eyes do the action. It seems like the supervision of the group is very important, from now on everyone check over me more... ...

In light of schoolmate Xu's biggest strong point being that she's honest to herself, schoolmate Xu decided that from yesterday, when she goes to an award ceremony, climbing the stairs, she will no longer put on her dense makeup, what kind of thing is this, it's not a proper look at all, everyone else doing this doesn't mean that we should do it, don't say to me, fashion. Avoid saying fashion, fashion just isn't fashion. Don't understand? Go and think about it yourself then. Don't say it's to respect the occasion, first talk about a bit why you first respect yourself then you respect other people, anyway I don't like how schoolmate Xu is like this, like a …… same as, the wind at the time doesn't even change so much, what kind of wind blows like this …… can't you be slightly clean and fresh …… I will be determined and resist it.

It seems like for people, being idle is good, a bit of self-criticism, a bit of self-praise, a bit of returning to where I was before, tomorrow I'm going to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of a high school.

About my high school, for details please see 'my high school' in 'my small biography'.

About who schoolmate Liu is? Another learned girl. Though, she gave me a warning strictly not to make jokes about her, but the meat on the hob's advice is being ignored.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Wei BoEr and the review from a director)

Translation of 老徐's 围脖儿和导演阐述 post:

Wei BoEr (围脖儿) is very good at acting spoiled now. Always lying on my leg making me scratch his neck, otherwise he cries out beside my foot, making you feel sorry for him.

Yesterday due to a Greek film festival, they were showing Dreams May Come 《梦想照进现实》 I was writing the director review and he just constantly crawled onto my leg indignantly sleeping. I didn't even dare move. By the time I finished writing, both my legs were shaking, I had no choice but to stand up. I took some pictures of his posture while he was soundly sleeping. He didn't sleep at all elegantly. His nose wasn't like a nose and his face didn't look like a face. He wasn't a bit like how they say cats are elegant. On the other hand, about this, I'm also lazy as hell.

You should see how intense Wei BoEr's cry is, I went to much trouble to get three photos, using my mobile I didn't have the flash, they're roughly even aren't they? ……, actually people said I don't need to write a word as long as they can see Wei BoEr's picture …… that's a bit cold! ……


Yesterday, with the big sleeping cat, Wei BoEr, grunting I wrote this director review:

(This is a bit too much too translate so I'll leave it as it is...)












Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Translating 老徐 (On the eve of setting up a small shop)

Translation of 小店即将开业:

These few days I've been showing that I've been continuing to "ignore my proper duties", keeping a cat, eating a barbecue duck, staring blankly, refusing to pick up the phone. Today's amusement item will be: taking pictures of clothes, since the fresh flowers shop has opened for business, looking for clothes in my wardrobe, my eyes filled with beautiful things, the result of not wanting to give up anything …… every item of clothing has many stories, a different city, a different person …… For now I've found some fun clothes I bought for myself for 《将爱情进行到底》, the white silk chest's full dress from the book LanKa《兰卡》, the scenery in ShanXi was almost the place of an accident last time I wore the yellow sports outfit ……

Oh, yes, all the income from my shop, coming into the Lion's group will go under my funds, selling for charity. I welcome everyone to come when they want and see ……

Monday, October 09, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translation of the dairy entry dated 2006/10/08 by 徐静蕾:

Wei BoEr (围脖儿) was originally a very small lazy cat, after he got to know his surroundings, he does nothing but eat and sleep. And, he's even learnt to jump on to the sofa and start dozing. From the moment he came, he's been sneezing. Yesterday, I finally went to the pharmacy and bought him a syringe. I stirred some Amoxicillin with warm water and sucked it into the syringe. Then I took off the needle and fed it through his mouth, he seems to be a bit better, I haven't come across him sneezing any more at night.

Yesterday the juicy peach (水蜜桃) couple came to see Wei BoEr, conveniently bringing their family's button (扣子) to make friends with Wei BoEr. When the two first saw each other, they were naturally unfamiliar, after a long time gazing at each other, like a couple of cat sculptures and after continuing for a long time, their small paws seemed to reach out in a Yi Bai style (一百) and bit by bit they each shifted backwards. Afterwards, they each seperately went to hide to hide in the two corners of the room. It was nothing like the way we imagined them to be friendly to each other. He's definitely still shy with strangers, I reckon that it'll be ok when then they come a few more times.

Button (a detailed account of the juicy peach's blog), which can't be more than a year old now, the story goes that from a month old when he was adopted by the peach's family, he hasn't seen anyone of the same species. Since he's been taken to new surroundings again, he's a bit nervous. he's a bit taller than Wei BoEr, he has a nose —— my family's Wei BoEr has a very small, mini nose, Button's facial features are easy to tell. He likes to let the peach family's little girl hold him, this made me a little bit jealous. Wei BoEr hates me holding him, as soon as I hold him he blindly struggles. Apart from the day when he just arrived, on the way back home, it's probably because the position in which I held him wasn't too comfortable. His most loving time is when he lies with his stomach on me or he lies with his back on me letting me play with his fur. During that, this small guy slowly closes his eyes and has an extremely comfortable expression. His loveable silliness is incomparable. And I just follow looking pretty.

I'll put on the two photos later on.

Translating 老徐

Translation of 老徐's 2006/10/06 diary post.

Gone through two days of what felt like training, Wei BoEr (围脖儿) is familiar with me by now, he's very happy when he sees me. When I go to bed in the evenings, he runs under my bed and calls out 'HuLu HuLu' for me to play with him.

I took his picture and taken it outside to show him off. Everyone says it's like the cat you find in toys.

My friend who disappeared finally returned my call.

My dad wants to call a family meeting.

Noone is allowed to say my family's Wei BoEr is ugly. People who feel that he isn't pretty definitely don't understand what's pretty and what's not. He is just a tiny, little bit fat. Actually it really suits him.

Happy mid-autumn.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Translating 老徐 (My new family member)

Here's a translation of the 我家的新成员 post.

Hastily finished visiting the building materials city (建材城), I went again to the place my friend introduced me, which is a place that just takes care of cats. I carried homea young four-month old Garfield cat (加菲猫). Giving him a name, round the neck (围脖儿). This photo was taken in his old home, an hour later, he started his new life.

围脖儿 is very unused to his new home, always hiding in the corners and not coming out, being shy with strangers ……

Seeing his heavyhearted expression in his eyes, my heart can't bear it for more than ten minutes.
Ripe all over……
Isn't he pretty!! Isn't he cute!! Isn't he handsome!! Pity the day's too dark, the photograph was taken badly. The real thing is ten times as good looking.

Here's the actual cat from 老徐's blog:

Translating 老徐

Translation for the dairy entry on 2006/10/04:

I've managed to eat fried dough sticks, in a Hong Kong style hot pot restaurant. Enthusiastic readers and friends introduced me to Yong He Mai (永和买). But I asked Yong He (永和) to begin with, they only sell in the morning.

My fun-lacking friend still hasn't realised his errors and amended his ways, he still isn't thinking clearly up to now. Misbehaving.

I still haven't got the meaning behind Mr. Mo's (莫先生) joke. It's too late for me to respect the man as an old person.

Today the sunlight shone charmingly, I'm going to stroll to the building materials city (建材城).

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

老徐 翻译

Translation of the 2006/10/02 dairy:

A holiday is a holiday, ah. I looked at a round of blogs, none of them have any updates, before I didn't think of making an update either. But seeing how everyone is not writing, I'll take the role of the hardworking honeybee for now.

This is my first time watching F1 at the event, the noise of the racecars shook the outside stands so much that they said Song XiaoNing (宋小宁) schoolmate almost puked. On the other hand, I was in a big glass room and watching it made me almost puke, from a very small distance watching 10-something cars being driven at a speed of 300km/h flying past. My eyes focusing mechanisms went through a harsh test. I reached a conclusion, watching TV is still better. But Schumacher (舒马赫) as expected, started late but caught up and won again, fierce.

Finally, in Shanghai I got to eat those delicious meat stuffed buns again. My Shanghai schoolmate this time liked my choices. Though, the bun's skin was a bit thick. Next time, I'll be take more notice of it.

Yesterday, on the plane from Shanghai to Beijing, I again heard a certain person was enjoying the missing news. I was very much in a bad mood and really wanted to shout. Celebrating a big festival, is it possible to have something fresh. Seeing words as if on the surface, hurry and come out.

Seeing the messages left, people want to know which American serial I'm watching, the answer is: The O.C. . Only watching it now?? Mmm, yes, lately I've been falling behind the times. I've been unlucky always having an 'optimistic person' giving advice.

And, there are people asking who the certain person is, the answer is: Mo BoSang(莫泊桑) is the certain person.

On the other hand, I'm appealing for a bit, thanks for your messages or you can curse me, all with a good or bitter heart. The ones who vainly attempt things should see a doctor about their problem. Don't put it off. But there is a Mr. Miao (苗先生), please don't leave too much in the space, looking at it takes some effort, too much and I can't be bothered to read it. No matter how good or bad it is, you have to economise a bit. From now on if the space has too little substance, it'll be deleted.

Why do they stop selling deep-fried dough sticks in the day, really! I want to eat some.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Translating 老徐

So here's my first translation on this blog (I just moved over from Livejournal) as an effort to both improve my Chinese (continually berated for being at the 5-year old level, don't they understand there's a huge vocab barrier about then?) and learn more about Chinese 生活, how? By translating other blogs. I'm going to focus on 老徐 (Lao Xu) since her blog is incredibly popular and contains a nice variety of idioms and constructs. Sound fun? So here is my attempt at today's entry.

日记 [2006年09月30日]

I've known about Mr Gao Li Dai's (高利贷) big name for a while, I've finally met him. Originally it was to thank him for some matter. It became a type of popular lesson on business loans. Pity we three girls all have long hair, listening to it felt like 'high mountains covered with fog'. Talking to you people takes a lot of effort. Mr Gao Li Dai saw we were bored and uninterested 'like tweezers that just won't open' and finally when it was on the edge of crumbling, he was forced to start from the bottom 'from zero' and continued using farmland and digging for coal as comparisons. Now do you understand? Yes, yes, yes, we understand. Although, we still didn't understand. Too embarassed to admit it.

Last night I watched a good film, directed by Lǚ Re (吕乐), the story of a middle school student. The few actors are all 16-17, all acting for the first time, all acting well. I heard it was in the Tokyo film festival. I secretly believe it will be the best film in the near future. The story is adapted from the book by Da Cao (大草) , knives and knives 《刀子和刀子》. I heard Bo Xue (博学) talk about it long ago and she recommended it to the director.

Today I swam, after simming three lengths I almost fainted, my heart immediately wanted to jump out of my throat. After I got home, I sat on the sofa breathing heavily. Then makeup, then the charity evening party. My eyes were full of beautiful and bright lights, disco ball, beautiful girls as if clouds, beautiful legs as if forests and everytime the same.

But my darling unnamed person, you've spent this many ages and hundreds of years. Please don't constantly interfere with me, this is a charitable event. Really go through it everywhere.

Went home and as usual sat in front of the computer, as usual my neck hurt, but I'm already at peace. Because a few days ago after the bone specialist looked at the pictures of my skeleton, he confidently said, no problems. The dizziness and aches aren't due to my cervical vetebra. It's a problem with my how my front nerves work. What problem? —— it's just weak …… it's inborn, it's not a big deal. My balance is not good, so I easily faint. I act like understood when I didn't, but the expert had a very confident expression. So it's like he assured me, practical, blue skies white clouds. At home I told my mum, my mum said: Oh, that's hereditary. She has the same problem.

I went to see some American sitcoms. Tomorrow I'm getting up early and flying to Shanghai to watch the F1. Sounds like I'm still very busy.