Sunday, October 15, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Meat on the hob)

This is my translation of 徐静蕾's post on 滚刀肉:

Two of my schoolmates today went to jump on the aerobic gym's exercise ball. After no more than two rounds, their heads were already covered in sweat. They couldn't keep up with the rhythm at all. As schoolmate Liu (刘同学) took off her glasses she had a very innocent look in his eyes. Schoolmate Xu (徐同学) hugged the ball and bounced around everywhere like some big live prawn. Our course here has a lot of stuff, tomorrow latin dances, the day after shadow boxing, schoolmate Xu and schoolmate Li decided to have a go at all of them. Applause. Thank you.

After doing sport, I felt comfortable, I felt relaxed all over. My mind was refreshed. I felt like an athlete, other people say that I describe myself like a holy expert (瑜伽高手) of the gymnastic ball. Of course, someone's already exposed schoolmate Xu: You've only gone through a single lesson …… Schoolmate Xu isn't ashamed but rather feels honored, what about it? Even the Olympics say it: Keep participating. Or just the same meaning as: don't seek to be the best, seek to be better. Schoolmate Xu just compares with herself. Is there progress? Yes, yes. That's good, good, good. Schoolmate Xu's biggest strong point is this: she's honest to herself. Schoolmate Xu's mum said long ago, Schoolmate Xu is just meat on the hob. (滚刀肉)

Schoolmate Liu isn't meat on the hob, schoolmate Liu sometimes doesn't make any progress, for instance, today there was an action which she couldn't do in any way. The teacher called her name out three times but she shamelessly said: ……Ah……No……, making the muscular, fair-skinned teacher ask the other students to applaud and encourage her. Schoolmate Xu, naturally glad at Liu's problems beat her palms with the other schoolmates. Making schoolmate Liu wipe her eyebrows and with drooping eyes do the action. It seems like the supervision of the group is very important, from now on everyone check over me more... ...

In light of schoolmate Xu's biggest strong point being that she's honest to herself, schoolmate Xu decided that from yesterday, when she goes to an award ceremony, climbing the stairs, she will no longer put on her dense makeup, what kind of thing is this, it's not a proper look at all, everyone else doing this doesn't mean that we should do it, don't say to me, fashion. Avoid saying fashion, fashion just isn't fashion. Don't understand? Go and think about it yourself then. Don't say it's to respect the occasion, first talk about a bit why you first respect yourself then you respect other people, anyway I don't like how schoolmate Xu is like this, like a …… same as, the wind at the time doesn't even change so much, what kind of wind blows like this …… can't you be slightly clean and fresh …… I will be determined and resist it.

It seems like for people, being idle is good, a bit of self-criticism, a bit of self-praise, a bit of returning to where I was before, tomorrow I'm going to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of a high school.

About my high school, for details please see 'my high school' in 'my small biography'.

About who schoolmate Liu is? Another learned girl. Though, she gave me a warning strictly not to make jokes about her, but the meat on the hob's advice is being ignored.

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