Thursday, August 16, 2007

老徐 (Today at 9pm, Wei Qun gave birth to her first kitten! 3 altogether, a natural birth!!! (6 pictures)

Translation of 老徐's 今天晚上9点,围裙生下第一只小猫!一共三只,顺产!!!(图6张) post:

Finally the first kitten's been born!!! Just waiting for the second, in the middle of the third one now!!!!!!!! It's midnight, she gave birth to another one!!!!!! 12:40, the third one was born smoothly. Her owner's very happy!!!!!!!!!!!

The oldest:

(Pictures are in her blog post)
The second oldest:
The third oldest 1:
The third oldest 2:
Their mum is at peace!!! Wei Qun (围裙) is exhausted!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

老徐 (Worry [One picture])

Translation of 老徐's 焦虑(图一) post:

I took small Wei Qun (围裙) to the hospital to do a B-scan, it seems the hospital got a clearer B-scan machine, as the doctors were examining they said: Look, this is the head, this is the small heart, the small stomach. I just saw a big blur, I couldn't work out what was what. Anyway, the result of the examination was that the baby kitten was developing normally and that it had already developed fully. I felt as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders. As they say, it must be born one of these days, wishing on the stars, wishing on the moon ... otherwise I won't have peace of mind, I get anxious just leaving the house. Tonight I went to watch Mamma Mia 《妈妈咪呀》, I was late, I was leaving in a hurry, forgetting this and that. It was easy to get to but I was 15 minutes late, it's pretty good, the actress who played the mother sang really well. With a theatre as badly-preserved as that, there was something wrong with the acoustics ... this kind of American musical really seems as though they're partying with the audience. The music was good, collectively the dancers danced easily and they created a happy atmosphere. What was sad was, their voices were drowned by the two of the pieces of vocal music. At the end, when they returned to the stage for the happy finale, the accompaniment was even more lively and the chorus sounded even better, the audience almost jumped up with them.

Wei Qun does nothing but sleep every day, addicted to lying on my felt. Wei Qun miaows around, smelling here and there, as if she's looking for something. The last few times she was like this, I thought she was going to give birth, blindly stressing over her for ages, with nothing happening at the end everytime. My great aunt, what are you trying to do ... there're always people advising me to have kids but just this one kitten has already got me pacing up and down in anxiety, rushing on and confusing myself, if it was a child ... Heavens, worry, worry.