Thursday, August 16, 2007

老徐 (Today at 9pm, Wei Qun gave birth to her first kitten! 3 altogether, a natural birth!!! (6 pictures)

Translation of 老徐's 今天晚上9点,围裙生下第一只小猫!一共三只,顺产!!!(图6张) post:

Finally the first kitten's been born!!! Just waiting for the second, in the middle of the third one now!!!!!!!! It's midnight, she gave birth to another one!!!!!! 12:40, the third one was born smoothly. Her owner's very happy!!!!!!!!!!!

The oldest:

(Pictures are in her blog post)
The second oldest:
The third oldest 1:
The third oldest 2:
Their mum is at peace!!! Wei Qun (围裙) is exhausted!!!


Anonymous said...

congratulation's to Wei Qun...
what will be their names?


P.S. want to play?:

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