Monday, March 05, 2007

Translating 老徐 (Is this fist better than that fist in terms of 'the entertaining spirit'

Translation of 老徐's 此王八拳是否彼王八拳之“娱乐策划人” post:

This year's winter sunlight is unusually good, always stirring up the desire of people to do their new year's shopping. Bo Xue (博学) says some shopping centres have Einstein's most recent air conditioner. Even though I heard this, it doesn't mean I'll follow like a sheep but it still made me consider it. I don't know if it's because mine doesn't heat up any more or because the one I bought is too old now. I haven't thought of the new year as a major thing for many years, just as something when everyone takes holidays. On the other hand, the roads are tranquil like many times before. Beijing really is a city with a large floating population.

I filmed in the mountains with a lot of hard work, for a person like me who doesn't like working, doesn't like being dirty and doesn't like to be tired, it's a kind of life I haven't had for a long time. The best thing about it is that it feels more and more like when I was spending a quite time at home. The sky above and the ground below. My new home's bedroom has been painted greenish black and at first I wanted to paint the ceiling the same. When we saw the thing, everyone unanimously disliked it. I can't bare to even change it. Mostly because I'm too lazy to trouble them again.

People already have enough troubles, old people die in bed, wars don't stop. We all say having one more problem is worse than having one less one but there are some people who just add to the troubles.

Recently, from out of nowhere there're new clumsy rats. For example, the new so-called 'entertaining spirits', in the middle of these kind of people, there's a part that's really interesting, a fly that just wants to spoil a pot of soup. I feel that they're jumping and hopping acting more and more shamefully. I don't know whoever's brain which has water in, to make them donate money to support their publicity. Before, shame was kind of fashionable and it needed to be announced. Our service industry's development really pays attention to everything.

This kind of person, really needs some backbone, acting shy and being parasites to other people who look famous. They will just rely on whoever has the most news recently. People who are full of energy and easily excited wouldn't be annoyed enough, they're a bit impatient. I've heard they've already found a shameless follower's detailed address. Might as well go up and give them a good beating. I'll say the negatives, he'll be happy that you hit him, they'd go up and down the streets with a loudspeaker shouting: Extra! Extra! Who, who hit me? Hitting me so hard that I have a bloody nose and bruised face and making me scared out of my wits!

Isn't this the result they want to achieve, let's not fufill their wishes. They just want us to point fingers and say names, without a chance. I still don't believe it, that you can just go along like this and have your name reach heaven. I just see a lot of people quarreling where they were once happy. Changing a hate story into one of flowers, now, noone lies low and keeps silent anymore. Gentlemen are guaranteed to leave these kind of people far, far away. Non-gentlemen will become rotten with them. The clumsy comedian also isn't a new noun, this world never lacks any. And if we don't see each other how far will we go, there're lots of ways to get food, I need to quickly turn over a new leaf.

People are really tolerant so I must forgive you.

Behind me is the beach.

Other: The bastard fist has only been let out for two days and there're people advising me don't get 'angry and annoyed'. Each of my friends, how does anger come? Not from an untroubled life. I'm happy writing in my blog.