Thursday, January 18, 2007

Translating 老徐 (To forgive or not to forgive)

Translation of 老徐's原谅 还是不原谅 post:

The Liang Wen Sa (惊闻萨) dam crime, I saw the scene again on TV. Even if it isn't yet New Year's Eve, it was a ghastly sight. My heart can't take it, it's like an old-man, it can't help it and it's tranquil.


The day before yesterday I talked about forgiveness. At this moment, I suddenly feel like forgiving the previous serious words. We all know when the wrong stuff was reported. Responding to violence with violence can only lead to more violence, but if there was once someone who killed my entire family, can I still keep my senses??? Whether or not this is about human rights or if it's a tyrant. It's really a question of your heart in the future compared to your heart now. I thought about it for half a day, this kind of forgiveness really needs too much courage, tolerate everything. Isn't there anything with this much courage and tolerance. In truth …… give me at least another 5 or 10 years time to think about this.

This is the time to ask myself. using it to speak about my own position. Are the reasons of those other people the same as what I really had in mind. Can I really think that I am so-called watching the lives of the world. Am I thinking clearly? For example: forgiveness, can you forgive everything? What can you forgive and what can't you forgive? Or is it: don't forgive a thing.

The way I've said it sounds quick but the problem isn't always like that.

Right now, I can't forgive myself. If I talk generally about some things for which I may not understand the reason behind it, I will now seriously make my position known: I'll temporarily take everything back, please allow me to continue talking once I've thought about it clearly.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Translating 老徐 (Heavy snow has blocked the mountain road, my coal-digging troops can't do anything)

Translation of 老徐's 大雪封山,我挖煤队伍寸步难行。 post:

I went to the mountain to dig for coal and heavy snow blocked the road. Just as I drove a while up the mountain road, the car couldn't go any further so I turned around. I finally managed to be get horizontal on the mountain road. The friends on my car broke out into a cold sweat. A Xiali (夏利) car drove down from the mountain, when they saw us horizontal on the road they nervously went back up, stopping in an awkward position and rubbed against the protective rail. The driver got out of the car and casually sweared: ***, what's so wrong with the road that you need to turn around???!!! —— I can understand this guy's mood, placing it here will collapse. Mao (毛师傅) quickly explained: we're not trying to turn around, we're trying to go up but the car won't listen …… This blogger quickly sent Xiao Yang (小杨) to apologise, easing the anger for a bit. I got down and carefully examined my own car, in the middle I fell flat on my face or you can say I was squatting, there didn't seem to be anything seriously wrong with the car so I got up back on the car, carefully driving away.

We were surrounded like before, the car's rear wheels had sunk into a pit, there was no way to get out. Xiao Yang and me went down to place towels and tree branches underneath the wheels as well as running to the front of the car to prevent it from rolling down the mountain.

By coincidence, there was a snow dozer driving up the mountain. The kind driver helped to rescue us by sprinkling some spadefuls of chemicals to melt the snow. Finally, we went down the mountain.

Although we didn't take the effort to look closely, the hills around were especially enchanting.

I must promptly make a decision, I can't continue to go up the mountain, there's still more than an hour of mountain road in front of us, when we get out we'll make a quick turn, one foot ready on the brakes. Noone can tell what can happen. In case we get halfway up the mountain and there's a problem, noway to go up or down, my army will be completely boxed up. I'll talk about it after going down the mountain.

We stationed at the door of some random hotel car park, awaiting orders. The computer quickly ran out of power, wireless internet is a great thing.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Translating 老徐 (My newest hairstyle trick)

Translation of 老徐's 最新美容秘诀 post:

Recently the question I've been asked the most is: How did you die? Answer: suicide. I'm downhearted from love, I don't feel like carrying on living.

Confession of Pain's 《伤城》 hot topic, many people don't understand why I died, some people have said: this is badly directed, as if talking in a low tone while on the verge of death is enough. Whether the director is good or not, I really have no way of saying. But the suicide is inevitable, probably there are people who didn't watch it properly or hear it clearly. From here, I'll explain some of it.

Because I'm taking today's theme to be the theme I guessed in Confession of Pain 《伤城》, excuse me. In the New Year, let us learn the limit of our forgiveness, not all of it for other people, it's mainly for ourselves. People who understand forgiveness can better understand happiness: you've offended me before haven't you? Don't worry, I forgive you. Explain a few more times, actually this topic is really interesting. Continuing on, there's too much hate in the heart. Us old people are almost starting to get wrinkles. So we must continue to get our hair done and lose weight.

You've offended me haven't you? It's ok, I've forgiven you.

My heart's dim, finally there have been some bad consequences. I'll understand when the time comes. Let's not teach them or suppress it in our heart so we can raise our defensive spirits.

I'm talking about digging for coal in the mountains again, this time I fell a bit cold. My eyes have almost frozen shut, they weren't big to begin with……

I'll skip dinner and carry on digging for coal in the evening.

Translating 老徐 (Jet-Li's fund part 1)

Translation of 老徐's 李连杰壹基金金计划 1 post:

Still on last time's topic, Mr Jet Li's charitable fund, I've put it here for everyone to use as reference. I hope everyone uses their own strength and energy to participate, thank you!
The next page is what he's sent.

Her blog has the details on how to contribute to Jet Li's charity fund.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Translating 老徐 (Old-fashioned artsy young wesman)

Translation of 老徐's 老牌文艺女青年 Christmas Day post:

I went to town before supper and accidentally met some old friends so we had a couple of bites to eat at a candlelit restaurant. I had a full Italian meal but after dinner there was the eternal question: now where do we go? After thinking for a while we decided to go to Yu Yi (渔移), a friend of a friend's band was performing there. When we got there we found that the band had signed up for a friend's company instead. The stage had some really manly music and the guys and girls seemed to be pretty lively. I'm way too familiar with this kind of thing, up to the point that I lost my last bit of interest in this. —— We're all old-fashioned artsy young women helplessly sighing like Xin Zi (昕子). I still remember that year, —— 10 years ago that autumn, me and her boyfriend at the time was drifting in sea talking loads. She was on the shore, I didn't know her, she didn't recognise me. Ten years later, our lovely and dear Peach are very close to each other and we've gone through a lot of similar experiences. Jiang Hu men go out into the world while the women stay through boring Christmases.

Peach (水蜜桃) and her dear UK friend were talking about the good times. They hadn't met again for a long time before last year on the 24th, the two of them saying goodbye to each of their own turning-points in life. This time, today, Miss Peach laughed so that the tip of her brow said four characters: Wives repeatedly seek things.

Director Jin Niu Zhang (金牛张) said if we're so happy and close to each other why hasn't an affair sprung up, walking, around Tiananmen square hand in hand.

Time to argue with the landlord, goodbye, goodbye.

I'm taking a holiday.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Translating 老徐 (Extending my random talks because I'm here in the mountains, there's also news about a charitable Jet Li fund, please read)

Translation of 老徐's 加长版东拉西扯之只缘身在此山中(另有李连杰慈善基金的事情,敬请关注) post from just before Christmas:

I didn't imagine the temperature would be as mild as this, walk for a bit and you'll be sweating all over. Like Peach's (水蜜桃) report that it would sometimes be like this. Miss Peach said her ideals finally look like they can be reached, it's lucky she's thinking like this, otherwise we'll start arguing as if we're enemies.

Two girls falling out with each other because of one guy isn't a worth it. Love changes many many times over a short period, friendship lasts for a long time. How can so many people not understand this. After you get caught up deluding yourself that you're being ignored, you can't escape. It's a really immature way of thinking. A small first-grader, if they aren't hit they'll just jump higher.

Of course there are around eighty people rebelling, angry because they're confused, and they don't know who said it, don't make yourself angry, it's not worth it.

But then, the world isn't fair and we can't do anything about it. Why try to dig into this unsolvable problem.

At the foot of the mountain, in my little room, without a view of the sunset, I can only feel that there's some sunlight left, right now this blog will have a brief moment of rest. I can rest my brain for ten minutes, my head isn't so painful any more. This once a year Christmas holiday is coming soon, I've seen people with nothing to do discuss whether the Chinese should celebrate Christmas, it doesn't matter what it's called, isn't it good enough for an excuse to celebrate?

A few days ago I saw the new 007 in Hong Kong, it's really good, the new 007 male actor is fantastic, it completely got rid of my earlier unfounded prejudice against him. He isn't relying on his cheeks to earn a living, he has a good character, strength and has enough power.

A friend has introduced another friend for me to meet, this guy said that after he analysed my blog he thought that three people helped me write it since the styles of writing in my blog are so different. Recently, this is the most accurate compliment I've heard. Before, this blog's strong point was its split personality, towards the positive side I've heard "someone with a rich heart and very articulate person" —— of course I use this when I want to flaunt my blog. In my heart, this flaunting isn't enough, I still need to look for more ways. This is just me.

I don't plan to use this brief period of rest to sleep, when there're a lot of people I always feel sleepy, when it gets quiet I feel like in a daze. Talking nonsense on my blog is also a really good way to rest, the times when it's peaceful are really valuable. I haven't written in a long time although I have a lot of things to talk about, it seems as if my blog is slowly coming back.

Jet Li (李连杰) recently made a charity fund, when he was filming a show he asked me to support him and publicise it on my blog, I gave it a chance and listened to it from start to finish, it's definitely a really good thing. I will very quickly write full instructions on this blog about how to donate to the fund. He's assistant has already sent the information to my mailbox. The easiest way is to simply use a mobile to send 1 or 2 to 999309 and this will succesfully donate one or two RMB to his fund, the amount's small but the more people there are the stronger the fund will be. Isn't there a song lyric that goes: It only takes people to give a little love to change the world to a happy place for mankind.

It's finally dark outside my window, I guess soon I'll have to go to the front lines, this blog retracts the things it just said, it needs to close its eyes for a bit. Take care everybody, there's no need to care about what holiday it is, Happy Holidays.