Friday, January 12, 2007

Translating 老徐 (Old-fashioned artsy young wesman)

Translation of 老徐's 老牌文艺女青年 Christmas Day post:

I went to town before supper and accidentally met some old friends so we had a couple of bites to eat at a candlelit restaurant. I had a full Italian meal but after dinner there was the eternal question: now where do we go? After thinking for a while we decided to go to Yu Yi (渔移), a friend of a friend's band was performing there. When we got there we found that the band had signed up for a friend's company instead. The stage had some really manly music and the guys and girls seemed to be pretty lively. I'm way too familiar with this kind of thing, up to the point that I lost my last bit of interest in this. —— We're all old-fashioned artsy young women helplessly sighing like Xin Zi (昕子). I still remember that year, —— 10 years ago that autumn, me and her boyfriend at the time was drifting in sea talking loads. She was on the shore, I didn't know her, she didn't recognise me. Ten years later, our lovely and dear Peach are very close to each other and we've gone through a lot of similar experiences. Jiang Hu men go out into the world while the women stay through boring Christmases.

Peach (水蜜桃) and her dear UK friend were talking about the good times. They hadn't met again for a long time before last year on the 24th, the two of them saying goodbye to each of their own turning-points in life. This time, today, Miss Peach laughed so that the tip of her brow said four characters: Wives repeatedly seek things.

Director Jin Niu Zhang (金牛张) said if we're so happy and close to each other why hasn't an affair sprung up, walking, around Tiananmen square hand in hand.

Time to argue with the landlord, goodbye, goodbye.

I'm taking a holiday.

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u translated all that? incredible!