Sunday, January 14, 2007

Translating 老徐 (My newest hairstyle trick)

Translation of 老徐's 最新美容秘诀 post:

Recently the question I've been asked the most is: How did you die? Answer: suicide. I'm downhearted from love, I don't feel like carrying on living.

Confession of Pain's 《伤城》 hot topic, many people don't understand why I died, some people have said: this is badly directed, as if talking in a low tone while on the verge of death is enough. Whether the director is good or not, I really have no way of saying. But the suicide is inevitable, probably there are people who didn't watch it properly or hear it clearly. From here, I'll explain some of it.

Because I'm taking today's theme to be the theme I guessed in Confession of Pain 《伤城》, excuse me. In the New Year, let us learn the limit of our forgiveness, not all of it for other people, it's mainly for ourselves. People who understand forgiveness can better understand happiness: you've offended me before haven't you? Don't worry, I forgive you. Explain a few more times, actually this topic is really interesting. Continuing on, there's too much hate in the heart. Us old people are almost starting to get wrinkles. So we must continue to get our hair done and lose weight.

You've offended me haven't you? It's ok, I've forgiven you.

My heart's dim, finally there have been some bad consequences. I'll understand when the time comes. Let's not teach them or suppress it in our heart so we can raise our defensive spirits.

I'm talking about digging for coal in the mountains again, this time I fell a bit cold. My eyes have almost frozen shut, they weren't big to begin with……

I'll skip dinner and carry on digging for coal in the evening.

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