Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Translating 老徐 (Heavy snow has blocked the mountain road, my coal-digging troops can't do anything)

Translation of 老徐's 大雪封山,我挖煤队伍寸步难行。 post:

I went to the mountain to dig for coal and heavy snow blocked the road. Just as I drove a while up the mountain road, the car couldn't go any further so I turned around. I finally managed to be get horizontal on the mountain road. The friends on my car broke out into a cold sweat. A Xiali (夏利) car drove down from the mountain, when they saw us horizontal on the road they nervously went back up, stopping in an awkward position and rubbed against the protective rail. The driver got out of the car and casually sweared: ***, what's so wrong with the road that you need to turn around???!!! —— I can understand this guy's mood, placing it here will collapse. Mao (毛师傅) quickly explained: we're not trying to turn around, we're trying to go up but the car won't listen …… This blogger quickly sent Xiao Yang (小杨) to apologise, easing the anger for a bit. I got down and carefully examined my own car, in the middle I fell flat on my face or you can say I was squatting, there didn't seem to be anything seriously wrong with the car so I got up back on the car, carefully driving away.

We were surrounded like before, the car's rear wheels had sunk into a pit, there was no way to get out. Xiao Yang and me went down to place towels and tree branches underneath the wheels as well as running to the front of the car to prevent it from rolling down the mountain.

By coincidence, there was a snow dozer driving up the mountain. The kind driver helped to rescue us by sprinkling some spadefuls of chemicals to melt the snow. Finally, we went down the mountain.

Although we didn't take the effort to look closely, the hills around were especially enchanting.

I must promptly make a decision, I can't continue to go up the mountain, there's still more than an hour of mountain road in front of us, when we get out we'll make a quick turn, one foot ready on the brakes. Noone can tell what can happen. In case we get halfway up the mountain and there's a problem, noway to go up or down, my army will be completely boxed up. I'll talk about it after going down the mountain.

We stationed at the door of some random hotel car park, awaiting orders. The computer quickly ran out of power, wireless internet is a great thing.

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