Thursday, January 18, 2007

Translating 老徐 (To forgive or not to forgive)

Translation of 老徐's原谅 还是不原谅 post:

The Liang Wen Sa (惊闻萨) dam crime, I saw the scene again on TV. Even if it isn't yet New Year's Eve, it was a ghastly sight. My heart can't take it, it's like an old-man, it can't help it and it's tranquil.


The day before yesterday I talked about forgiveness. At this moment, I suddenly feel like forgiving the previous serious words. We all know when the wrong stuff was reported. Responding to violence with violence can only lead to more violence, but if there was once someone who killed my entire family, can I still keep my senses??? Whether or not this is about human rights or if it's a tyrant. It's really a question of your heart in the future compared to your heart now. I thought about it for half a day, this kind of forgiveness really needs too much courage, tolerate everything. Isn't there anything with this much courage and tolerance. In truth …… give me at least another 5 or 10 years time to think about this.

This is the time to ask myself. using it to speak about my own position. Are the reasons of those other people the same as what I really had in mind. Can I really think that I am so-called watching the lives of the world. Am I thinking clearly? For example: forgiveness, can you forgive everything? What can you forgive and what can't you forgive? Or is it: don't forgive a thing.

The way I've said it sounds quick but the problem isn't always like that.

Right now, I can't forgive myself. If I talk generally about some things for which I may not understand the reason behind it, I will now seriously make my position known: I'll temporarily take everything back, please allow me to continue talking once I've thought about it clearly.


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feryal said...

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