Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Blog's one year anniversary random post)

Translation of her anniversary posting 写博整整一年乱弹:

I went for a trip to Hang Zhou, Miss Bo and me found four things that we had lost: my watch and glasses, Miss Bo's boarding ticket and identity card, the former were in a room in hotel, the latter were found in the airport lounge under someone's bottom, they were found one after the other.

Anyway, finding again what you lost is always a good thing, compared to that time in winter when I lost my cloak outside, I walked and walked and lost my purse just like that, at the airport I turned my eyes away for an instant and unusually my sunglasses disappeared. The overcoat and so on sounds a bit better.

How can I go outside without worrying?

My home's starting to feel cold, I must turn on the electric heater now. Winter is coming again.

I haven't watched a film for ages, I've been watching American sitcoms non-stop, one season after another. The new books I bought, apart from a few, I haven't read most of them and I'm still incessantly buying them. I keep hoping that I'll have time to read them one day. Of the books which I bought and haven't read, they can be traced back to more than a year ago.

When it gets to a certain time at night, Wei BoEr (围脖儿) will always go insane for a short while, running around with sinister intentions, leaping really high for no reason at all and testing his strength with anything that's on the floor, afterwards he loses interest and goes to sleep very tranquilly.

Up till now, I've written in my blog for a whole year, 365 days. It's high-density, even I admire it highly, there're probably around 200 articles now. I've had a lot of times where I felt I couldn't stop even though I wanted to, even if it was nonsense I wanted to talk about it, in reality there were many times I thought of not writing any more, at most after a day I'd decide to give up the idea. Afterwards I'd be staring at the blank page not knowing what to write. And then I'd write even more than usual, anyway if I want to be chatty then I will be, who knows anyway, nine times out of ten after I've finished being wordy my mind would be at ease and I'd feel comfortable.


Today in the early morning I flew to attend Hang Zhou's Confession of Pain《伤城》 press release, Confession of Pain is the first time in four years that I've acted in a film directed by someone else, suddenly I realised that it's only when I'm acting that I really feel carefree. As if I'm going on holiday, I usually hurry over, Beijing, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Beijing, my wardrobe at home at the same, expanding in proportion, many many times I've raised the limit.

Always working makes me feel like I've gotten tied up, always resting feel like I've been sleeping for a hundred years.

I'm not sure what's going on in my head, random international songs always seem to come out from it.

In the TV, in the newspaper, all kinds of wars, nuclear tests, retaliations, sanctions, a hundred of you die and a thousand of mine die, they don't see with their eyes, ears, in the past few hundred years has the whole world ever had a few days of peace, mankind is just steeling itself with all kinds of war, looking at other people with hatred, wasting away time, in an instant, another few hundred years have gone by. As if this is not enough, films have it too, more fighting, non-stop fighting, jumping to fight each other, flying to fight each other, fighting with open eyes and closed ones, flowing out from Asia to the world, beautiful isn't it? Fine, fight, if the fighting doesn't get to you, the fact that it's annoying will.


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