Thursday, October 26, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Career woman, housewife)

Translation of her 职业妇女家庭妇女 blog post:

The small shop still hasn't officially opened for business, Fresh Flowers Village is already buzzing with activity, the topic these days apart from being a few small random things, is mostly centered around all kinds of small workshops that are being constructed, unexpectedly someone has said that they want to work on wool, it is still early on so there is no proper plan, the whole time my older sister has been both as loud as a thunderstorm and quiet as a few raindrops, apart from sweetly playing her triangle in her band, nothing she says should be taken seriously, I'll blame her on here for a bit.

Our lives are really like soap operas, a white elder brother has watched us being lively these past two days, he said this would make a great TV show: how a gang of career women grew up to become housewives. This topic really is fresh. Anyway, after I had my small friend Wei BoEr I felt like I was really living with my own family, the family often has a flower as a part of it; and my little sister peach often goes back home to her husband's family, and she often does both difficult and simple exercises. Despite when I see her I act like I don't want to ……, but she still gives me support …… I really do act strangely …… hehehe ……

There's a friend, I won't bring up her name, as a result of the stupid accident while she was working, acting like it was something serious, but even here I'll give her some support, in terms of eating well and staying warm, since I act as if I have free will, anything can be thrown away ……

There's another friend, since I haven't said a name I won't say any names at all, she seems more and more like she'll be known as a leader, no matter what kind of nonsense and gossip she says, as soon as she gets a work call, she puts on a serious expression and her voice immediately drops two keys: Hello …… whoever calls has no way of knowing what she was just talking about. Please, hello, sorry, thanks, bye.

And there's another friend who's come back for a break from an uncomparably cold place. She doesn't fight tigers and yet she's wearing a loose military hat, I haven't heard her giggles for ages, recently she's hurried to attend something in GuangDong or Manchuria, she's still going everywhere showing off with her silk stockings.

And there's yet another friend, of course being a rich wife lets you live happily, her msn name apart from advertising her boyfriend's film, always has something to do with fighting the landlord, nevermind Gui Ling (龟苓膏) ointment, nevermind Yi Fan San Zha (一反三炸), they say your dreams all have some kind of sign, recently she's still wearing Barbary (巴博瑞) ……

And and there's yet another friend, after I pushed him on marriage, up to now there hasn't been a sound from him, I won't urge him anymore, the emperor doesn't get hurried, the eunuch gets hurried. If he isn't quick and there is some development, and it's been reported to me, then I won't invite him for any meals.

On my main blog, there are still many internal and external affairs I need to do, I won't say if I'm a career woman or housewife, I want to attain both of them, I really admire myself, no need to be stiff.

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