Sunday, October 29, 2006

Translating 老徐 (not talking randomly, talking about various things)

Translation of her 不乱弹,杂谈 entry:

First. Wei BoEr (围脖儿)

I took Wei BoEr out and gave him a proper bath, and I cleaned his ears, cut his nails and checked over his body, the Wei BoEr that came back was like a completely different cat, he is a really clean and really healthy child. Nevertheless, while I was washing him he went through a lot of suffering. When I give him baths at home he never crys out so loudly even though he goes through a lot.

Yesterday I took him to drop by Ou Xiang's (偶像) home, when I left him in the sand pit, I realised he really didn't stop talking to him, in the past when I saw other people talking to their cats or dogs, I felt that those pet owners had problems, in my heart I looked down on them. Now, I'm like that as well, revenge, revenge ……

Only after I got home and felt really tired and fell asleep straight away, did I realise that the stress wasn't only on Wei BoEr. Although I just opened my eyes to say two words, Wei BoEr quickly forgot what I put him through earlier, he looked please and ran onto my bed to play with me, really obediant.

Two. Sweet women.

This morning, as soon as I woke up at daybreak I got a communication from this woman at the office, indicating I really must mend my ways. I'll make every effort to make the sound of raindrops loud and the sound of thunder quiet. Her manner's very good, no wonder she's always making progress, I'm really praising her a lot!!!

The rich young wife caught me on MSN as soon as I went on: As soon as I started wearing Babory (巴博瑞) you blurted it out, hun hun. I talk about myself on this blog from the bottom of my heart: I really do hate her out of jealousy …… although the rich young wife praised on my blog post yesterday: It's the most stylish piece I've recently done. This blog doesn't really understand her meaning, is it to praise my writing, or to say that my articles finally have some kind of style …… nevertheless this blog really enjoys the praise it's been given, like long ago, moreover from analysing the comments there are always ones which like and don't like the blog, the ones who praise all like the blog, ignoring the ones who don't.

Wei BoEr is already fast asleep in a very spread out pose.

Three. Light reading.

I'm reading a book right now, it was just an average book being sold in Hong Kong airport, the cover was one of those really sensational ones: Behind the mask《面具后面的……》making me partly believing and partly doubtful —— another of those overcorrecting books on historical characters. Bad biographies are all like this, especially if it's a politician, it seems that if they aren't angels then they're devils, as a rule these these things shouldn't be believed, what angels and devils, people are only people, nothing more, there're strengths and there're weaknesses. These kind of extreme assessments are really blindly exaggerated. It isn't very persuasive. In comparison, I like reading autobiographies much more, those are real lies, at least it's the author himself who wants to be like a model, we always follow our own hopes and expectations to get along, so comparing it to reality is interesting.

Although, not believing doesn't mean I won't read any more, I'll just read it like an idiot, you say it like this and I'll listen like this, let's have fun.

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