Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Translating 老徐 (My new family member)

Here's a translation of the 我家的新成员 post.

Hastily finished visiting the building materials city (建材城), I went again to the place my friend introduced me, which is a place that just takes care of cats. I carried homea young four-month old Garfield cat (加菲猫). Giving him a name, round the neck (围脖儿). This photo was taken in his old home, an hour later, he started his new life.

围脖儿 is very unused to his new home, always hiding in the corners and not coming out, being shy with strangers ……

Seeing his heavyhearted expression in his eyes, my heart can't bear it for more than ten minutes.
Ripe all over……
Isn't he pretty!! Isn't he cute!! Isn't he handsome!! Pity the day's too dark, the photograph was taken badly. The real thing is ten times as good looking.

Here's the actual cat from 老徐's blog:

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