Monday, October 09, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translation of the dairy entry dated 2006/10/08 by 徐静蕾:

Wei BoEr (围脖儿) was originally a very small lazy cat, after he got to know his surroundings, he does nothing but eat and sleep. And, he's even learnt to jump on to the sofa and start dozing. From the moment he came, he's been sneezing. Yesterday, I finally went to the pharmacy and bought him a syringe. I stirred some Amoxicillin with warm water and sucked it into the syringe. Then I took off the needle and fed it through his mouth, he seems to be a bit better, I haven't come across him sneezing any more at night.

Yesterday the juicy peach (水蜜桃) couple came to see Wei BoEr, conveniently bringing their family's button (扣子) to make friends with Wei BoEr. When the two first saw each other, they were naturally unfamiliar, after a long time gazing at each other, like a couple of cat sculptures and after continuing for a long time, their small paws seemed to reach out in a Yi Bai style (一百) and bit by bit they each shifted backwards. Afterwards, they each seperately went to hide to hide in the two corners of the room. It was nothing like the way we imagined them to be friendly to each other. He's definitely still shy with strangers, I reckon that it'll be ok when then they come a few more times.

Button (a detailed account of the juicy peach's blog), which can't be more than a year old now, the story goes that from a month old when he was adopted by the peach's family, he hasn't seen anyone of the same species. Since he's been taken to new surroundings again, he's a bit nervous. he's a bit taller than Wei BoEr, he has a nose —— my family's Wei BoEr has a very small, mini nose, Button's facial features are easy to tell. He likes to let the peach family's little girl hold him, this made me a little bit jealous. Wei BoEr hates me holding him, as soon as I hold him he blindly struggles. Apart from the day when he just arrived, on the way back home, it's probably because the position in which I held him wasn't too comfortable. His most loving time is when he lies with his stomach on me or he lies with his back on me letting me play with his fur. During that, this small guy slowly closes his eyes and has an extremely comfortable expression. His loveable silliness is incomparable. And I just follow looking pretty.

I'll put on the two photos later on.

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