Sunday, October 01, 2006

Translating 老徐

So here's my first translation on this blog (I just moved over from Livejournal) as an effort to both improve my Chinese (continually berated for being at the 5-year old level, don't they understand there's a huge vocab barrier about then?) and learn more about Chinese 生活, how? By translating other blogs. I'm going to focus on 老徐 (Lao Xu) since her blog is incredibly popular and contains a nice variety of idioms and constructs. Sound fun? So here is my attempt at today's entry.

日记 [2006年09月30日]

I've known about Mr Gao Li Dai's (高利贷) big name for a while, I've finally met him. Originally it was to thank him for some matter. It became a type of popular lesson on business loans. Pity we three girls all have long hair, listening to it felt like 'high mountains covered with fog'. Talking to you people takes a lot of effort. Mr Gao Li Dai saw we were bored and uninterested 'like tweezers that just won't open' and finally when it was on the edge of crumbling, he was forced to start from the bottom 'from zero' and continued using farmland and digging for coal as comparisons. Now do you understand? Yes, yes, yes, we understand. Although, we still didn't understand. Too embarassed to admit it.

Last night I watched a good film, directed by Lǚ Re (吕乐), the story of a middle school student. The few actors are all 16-17, all acting for the first time, all acting well. I heard it was in the Tokyo film festival. I secretly believe it will be the best film in the near future. The story is adapted from the book by Da Cao (大草) , knives and knives 《刀子和刀子》. I heard Bo Xue (博学) talk about it long ago and she recommended it to the director.

Today I swam, after simming three lengths I almost fainted, my heart immediately wanted to jump out of my throat. After I got home, I sat on the sofa breathing heavily. Then makeup, then the charity evening party. My eyes were full of beautiful and bright lights, disco ball, beautiful girls as if clouds, beautiful legs as if forests and everytime the same.

But my darling unnamed person, you've spent this many ages and hundreds of years. Please don't constantly interfere with me, this is a charitable event. Really go through it everywhere.

Went home and as usual sat in front of the computer, as usual my neck hurt, but I'm already at peace. Because a few days ago after the bone specialist looked at the pictures of my skeleton, he confidently said, no problems. The dizziness and aches aren't due to my cervical vetebra. It's a problem with my how my front nerves work. What problem? —— it's just weak …… it's inborn, it's not a big deal. My balance is not good, so I easily faint. I act like understood when I didn't, but the expert had a very confident expression. So it's like he assured me, practical, blue skies white clouds. At home I told my mum, my mum said: Oh, that's hereditary. She has the same problem.

I went to see some American sitcoms. Tomorrow I'm getting up early and flying to Shanghai to watch the F1. Sounds like I'm still very busy.

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