Sunday, October 22, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translation of her 日记 [2006年10月22日] dairy entry:

Coming home, after eating I went to send mum something, I saw me and my little brother's photos when we were young, Xu TuHu (徐屠户) (Bottom left) as expected, from when we were little we were a small pair of optimistic faces ……

The day after tomorrow I need to leave again, Confession of Pain《伤城》 is starting to be publicised. This stop, Hangzhou.

Yesterday, while I was dubbing at the harbour, I saw they had all my performances, not bad, they had pretty much everything. The endings were still pretty emotional …… Liang ZhaoWei (梁朝伟), is THE film god, only seen a few scenes, it was acted out really well. As for me …… I can't say much …… everytime I act I feel like I'm a different person.

Recently, my blog's gone through phases of where I'm too lazy to write, so …… I'll shut up.

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