Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translation of 老徐's 日记 [2006年12月09日] dairy entry:

During the afternoon, I took photos for my friend's magazine, she started doing a blue ponytail wig for me but I firmly rejected her. The compromise was to have it in the style of a nest and looking a bit like checkers. The result looked strange though if the photographer liked it, then it'll do. Everything needs a moderate amount of compromise and I'm learning to be less stubborn.

The things that are good looking and the ones that are bad looking are very different among everyone, recently I've been changing my opinions a lot. The things that looked good now look bad and the things that looked bad now look good.

Some people have eaten a huge vat of ice cream recently, how can they, I've got problems with my windpipe so could only watch them, I am, not, happy.

For today's report, I've run out of words again, the main thing is that that female reporter looked familiar, the most important thing is, she's raising four Garfields, there's one I saw in a photo which really looks like my Wei BoEr (围脖儿). However I look at it, it seems like they're related.

I've got a lot of things to do tomorrow, there're a lot of things I need to buy. I haven't seen a film for ages. I just bought Sofia Coppola's (索非亚科波拉) film, Marie Antoinette 《绝代艳后》, I'll study it before I go to bed.

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