Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Cough)

Translation of 老徐's entry:

Xu's blog has been coughing for half a month now, if she still doesn't go to see the doctor, I fear her illness will grow to big words. Go to the hospital.

Xu's blog is really afraid of going to the hospital, recently she fears doctors and shuns medicine. When little, as soon as she goes through the hospital doors, she examines the front door. It can cure any kind of illness —— it frightens them away.

Xu's blog which fears doctors and shuns medicine is going to the hospital very soon. No matter what medicine she takes, it doesn't help. There's always a bit of a dry cough. After diagnosing myself, it seems like a problem with the lungs.

Before I leave, let me tell everyone Sofia Coppola's (索非亚科波拉) second film, the Chinese name is the unique and sexy queen 《绝代艳后》, it isn't as mediocre as everyone is saying, it's still pretty good to watch. Despite the pace being a bit slow, the viewpoint is pretty interesting. It's a really feminine point of view of a palace drama.

That's it, I'm getting ready to go —— hospital, long white gowns, having X-rays taken, having injections.

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