Thursday, December 14, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translation of 老徐's 日记 [2006年12月12日] dairy entry:

Today the patient fled before the battle. I decided at the last minute as I was going through the door that I didn't want to go to the hospital. This proverb describes it well, don't go to the hospital for slight wounds.

The fog outside suddenly got much more serious. In the dim night, the drab colour of the car headlights became a realistic diabolic one-man show.

Idol (偶像) saw a new continent, day after day and restlessly, he strongly recommended a home-grown TV serial. The name is: And the days of our youth (与青春有关的日子). After he handed it to me, he sent me a text message on the very same night pushing me to watch it.

I'm studying it right now, it's pretty good, in it there's a tall actress which I've seen before. she acted lively and cute. Schoolmate Tong Da Wei (佟大为) has grown up, he's a lot more used to acting, he's just growing a little fat …… don't know if it was needed for the acting. This brings me to a serious warning.

Ice cream, lunatics have gone to eat ice cream again. I'm, angry.

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