Monday, November 06, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translation of her 日记 [2006年11月01日] post:

There are busy people and there are idle people.

Student Bo (博学) has got a bit tired now, when he hears something he frowns, too much work. Small sister Juicy Peach (水蜜桃) has gone on her honeymoon to Yunnan, Wang Wang (大汪汪) and Dr Du (杜博士) are also going there early tomorrow morning to join in the fun, their lives are going a little bit too well aren't they? ……

Now I'm the Beijing person on guard duty, even if it all fell over it wouldn't be a big thing, apart from occasionally popping out my head, showing that I'm still there, chatting about some events and staring at documentary films for new events, I'm staying at home everyday enjoying life, and I've gotten used to a habit of only tidying up now and then, I've finally going in the direction of Cancer.

Back to talking about my home, my family is now three: Wei BoEr (围脖儿), Button (扣子) and me. Us three very often form a triangle shape in the middle of the room, each one lord of their corner looking around at the others, Wei BoEr and Button often look like they're fighting, they run around the room madly chasing each other. Button looks very much like he's had enough of me, whoever's taller has the control, actually they've found a secret passageway behind my bed, one of them wasn't taking care and went from one bedstand straight into the other bedstand. We're gradually getting closer. Today I took him to cut his nails, after waiting for Miss Juicy Peach (水小姐) come back, I guess that Button won't even recognise her anymore. Thinking about this, I've decided, unless I get a million, I definitely won't leave Wei BoEr at someone else's home to be looked after, it's a pity, always having to adapt to a new environment, I'm not planning on exercising him anyway, or it'll be very frustrating to keep up the training. If he isn't big, then he wouldn't be special. Eating, drinking and playing happily throughout his life, he will be really happy. How unlucky a child he is ……

Today I took Button to cut his nails, a few two-month old English short-fur cats have arrived at the petshop, they're very cute, I really wanted to carry one home, my conscience said, you won't become one of those old ladies taking care of loads of cats will you? …… I carefully thought for a while, if I didn't I do this then maybe …… I'd get a bit addicted.

About documentaries, I'm helping my friend to film a documentary about the fate of an old house. It'll take at least half a year to film, it's started for more than a month already, I've never done filming work for as long as this.

Oh there's more, in the home of my idol I saw the picture of ShiJaMoNi (释迦摩尼), with a long beard, he didn't very much look like my impression of the Buddha ancestors, that old man doesn't have to have a round face and large earlobes, but he grew sideburns and was a smart middle-aged person —— my words aren't offensive I hope …… the original picture is now stored in the British Museum.

My idol says: Buddha is not god, just a person, a person who has understood.

In the middle of next month, I'm going to Greece, I'm going to act as the commission for that film festival, I'll spend my holiday while I'm there.

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