Thursday, February 15, 2007

Translating 老徐 (Is this fit as lengthy as those people good at using fists)

Translation of 老徐's 王八拳是否彼王八拳之好人之长篇 post:

Sleep late or get up early, it seems the biological clock adjusts itself really quickly. The beginning of the new year, shouting and clamouring and shaking fists. I don't even know what to write anymore. I'm temporarily toning my body. I'm now considering something that one of my section supervisors said, actors who enjoy themselves a lot normally isn't a good thing. I've been thinking about it, is it better to be a good person or a good actor? What my teacher usually says is: if you want to be a good actor you have to first be a good person. For a long time I took it as it is. My section supervisor asked me to look at my current situation, what he said mainly made sense. So I need to mull over these words.

There are many types of good people, one kind is: always good people, are they just posing and putting on a mild nature. Not caring about worldly success, on the inside and on the surface, they aren't intense or cold towards people or things, how are you? I'm very well, how's everyone? type of people. I don't greatly like this kind of people, they don't act like real people, they could be offered to the wax museum. Once it's real and you've associated with them they probably aren't fun. With just remaining, good, ok. It's not fun.

There's another kind of person, people from the North East call them people with medium temperament. The so-called 'medium-temperament' people, don't pose at all, they say it how it is, of course there're a huge number of offended people. I don't meet this kind of person very often, I guess they've been beaten to death with sticks a long time ago among the legal society. On the other hand, I've met very few of these characters. I've hidden myself behind these characters having fun, cursing, doing what I like, being cold. If it isn't pleasing to the eye, then say a few words for protection. Sometimes you think: why is this brother so angry? Why has he got so much to say …… so, I've seen the actual person, a pretty good person. Always lending money to people, people don't return it but he's too embarrassed to ask for it. Embarrassed when meeting a stranger. These kind of people, don't have too many friends —— transparent on the surface, easy to be familiar with, too embarrassed to even open their mouths. Among the people that I know there are two typical characters like that, Lao Wang (老王), Xiao Han (小韩). There're some areas where they're very similar, people have agreed on what I've said. If there're people who don't agree, can come and tell me a reason.

There's another kind of mild temperament person, they pose big (posing is not good for your future, this will protect people and offend people, posing is not popular now, I thought it wasn't fair but before they invent a more suitable word for this I'll temporarily order people to obey to get used to these words in the language.)

I've gone off the track, let's get to the point. There's another kind: fake mild temperament people, it's obvious you can hear them typing away on their small calculators, it's obvious they have interest and go for charm, squeeze whichever persimmon is the most soft. As soon as they see 'the VIP', wine isn't even enough to strengthen their weak guts. They still pretend to be good and moreover have an honest and frank personality. Honest, I'm very honest.
—— Acting very sincere but not very realistic, especially for us who've studied how to act, the subject technique is called: play over, mild temperament people's lives aren't enough, too many rips. What a joke, don't make me spit over two miles away. If you have skill, take it, your set of words and the nation's leaders, and go straight with the people who gave you money. When it's over, I can help you out. I can't guarantee you'll eat well. You might see some meat, two or three meals apart.

…… don't be cold ……

All the people who I understand to be good, as I was getting to know them I came across the type of person who: knows many things and have a clear standpoint, know the proper limits to speech and action, understands about things not people; are introspective and first consider all problems themselves, do as they would be done by, understand forgiveness and how other people have different intentions compared to what they actually do, if they have an obvious weak point they should be able to see it themselves, not necessarily always as a threat to themselves.

That's about it, if I think of more, I'll write it up.

I've said so much about being a good person, are they good at acting, do good people or bad people act better? Is it still important?
…… in Dream 《梦想》 there's a line: who doesn't pretend, who doesn't? they would've already knocked his brains out, in society you have to pretend and pretend to make any progress. Pretending, shouldn't be shameful, pretending to be shamed is what is shameful.

I'll rethink that last phrase, I suddenly feel, Mr Wang Ai Nian Hong (
王爱脸红) was surprisingly very tolerant of me.

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