Thursday, December 07, 2006

Translating 老徐

Translating 老徐's 日记 [2006年12月03日] dairy entry:

The last month in 2006, doesn't have proper snow like the next month. A lot of things seem to have changed, a lot of things really seemed to have settled down like dust. This is going to be of the most worry-free year-ends of the last few years. For several years, I haven't felt that the new year is something to be happy about. I feel like turning back and looking at last year's dairy. I thought about it but decided not to in the end, if I look back in a few years time it'll be even better.

I've slept for two days non-stop, I had a massage in the middle of it, Xiao Zao's (小灶) caught a cold so I took her to see the doctor and went outside to eat grilled beef.

汪 (Wang), stopped two ill schoolfriends from going touring again, Pu Ji Island (普及岛), when we were eating she was trying to persuade me for ages, don't work all the time, you need to rest for a bit, be better to yourself and all that. As if this blog is about someone who doesn't know how to enjoy themselves, this blog isn't like that, this blog combines work and rest …… a couple of days ago she was taking about touring around Li river (丽江), but I need to see when my other friends who want to go are available.

It's because of them that I feel I want to do something, if there's nothing I definitely need to do at work I'm determined to go touring once, simply enjoying myself, why do they always enjoy themselves, one moment it's Dali, the next it's Thailand, it really makes me angry, how could they?

I've suddenly wondered why this winter is so good, I haven't had any more problems with my neck vetebra or gastric ulcer, it seems they have to do with nerves.

Sleeping for two days non-stop, I've dreamt a countless number of dreams, good ones and bad ones, I've gradually recovered from the jetlag and my lack of sleep. Everytime I wake up I look at my kittens, I look at the government-banned book that I bought in Hong Kong, this is obviously better than that other book, I won't give my opinion on it just yet, at least the tone of the writer is quite objective. When I'm reading it, my mind isn't so conflicted any more. The book's really thick, I unknowingly slept several times before I managed to finish reading it.

I have two female friends who, as sudden as lightning, are going to have kids, one at the end of the year, one at the start of the year. Among them, one of those is when I just started writing my blog, she sent me a Mongolian whip, the beautiful girl Ma Lao Qing (马老晴), I don't know if people still remember and she sent me photos to see, another big bellied, thin faced, typical mum, you can't tell she's pregnant if you only saw her face. This superficial girl, even while she's pregnant, still didn't forget to seek advice everywhere on when she'd be able to perm her hair. I really want to teach her a lesson.

On a different topic, there's a friend in my blog comments who's constantly cursing at Chinese Central TV (CCTV), and I don't know how he was offended, every insult is several hundred lines, and also it's not pleasant to hear or at all fresh. I recommend he curses where he's supposed to curse, what's the point in cursing so much here, you can't achieve your goal here. Go and appeal to the higher authorities, if you have an enemy get revenge, if you have a complaint seek justice. And don't be anonymous any more, it doesn't seem strong at all, I thought, this is something bad. And other people can't hear you, your effort gone to waste.

Xiao Zao has already had her heart split apart because I've isolated her, I'm afraid of Wei Qun (围裙) catching it from her too, the pitiful kitten constantly cries out in the bathroom, my heart can't bear it……

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