Sunday, November 12, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Two pictures)

I haven't been sleeping well, I've been sleeping lightly, I ate my lunch on the nourishment garden boat (颐和园船). I really can't understand. Their speech is all about making profit. At home, there're a few lunatics, Wei BoEr (围脖儿) has become the old boss.

After working for a day, I'm slightly tired.

I'll write exactly what I want to write. There's no point in trying to stop me.

The charity sale has had really good proceedings. Mine, my schoolmate Han's (韩), my friend Bo's (博), have all been sold off, we can roughly buy three computers. In addition, a gentleman who doesn't want to reveal who he is as a matter of life and death has donated 50 thousand Yuan. I need to count it all on my fingers. Everyone's power always has a limit, thank you to these famous and unknown friends who are giving their support. Before I go to Greece I'll reveal the details of the donation publicly to everyone.

To the many good people, I respect you.

The next dress to go on the charity sale:

I bought this in Hong Kong, the brand is: BCBG. I wore it when I was in charge of the Chinese Movie awards.

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