Thursday, November 09, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Right here, right now)

Translating her 此时此刻 posting:

Mum's new friend, aunty Xiao Xin (小新) was her middle school schoolmate, she was the one who introduced my mum and my dad at their wedding, she has a pair of cute twin grandchildren, arriving as guests at my house.

There are already two small kittens, if two more identical babies come, then home won't be lively the way it normally is, as soon as the two babies entered the room they went and sat at the piano straight away and started playing a tuneless four-handed duet. As they played, they watched us laughing at them, with their two small fat cheeks jumping up and down, after playing for a bit they lost patience. One of them had their bottom firmly sat in Button's (扣子) nest while immediately taking off his shoes and getting ready for an afternoon nap, the other one was using all his strength to break my electric fish's tail and then often throwing it on to the floor, when he saw the cat he was happy for ten minutes, the kitten was a bit shy, constantly hiding and ignoring the baby, the baby became really unhappy, his small lips opened up, and he started crying.

It's the first time children have come here, the environment was perfect for a while, the adults busy running around in circles, a room full of happy faces.

Their dad really is an adult now, the last time I saw him, he was still a primary school boy, now he's become a dad with a pair of 15 month-old twins.

Speaking about this, I know some people will be urging me again, don't press me, don't press me, it's not the right time yet, Lao Xu is still small.

Taiwan recently is really in a mess. Mr Ah Bian (阿扁) this time is going against the majority, and his wife is suspected of corrupting the country "confidential expenses" 14.8 million New Taiwan dollars has already been formally sued for, when this is finished the people will be living in fear.

Soon we'll understand it all, I don't understand how people rise and fall so much, people which have understood have already said, they're all phantoms. In the end, it's all about dreams. They're all plans to stir up trouble, you should put down what should be put down. Don't fight it. The past and the future are all phantoms, still it's good to be aware of the here and now.

Right here, right now, there's a big wind blowing. Mum's original plan for a day trip had to be cancelled, she took her friends and her friend's children and grandchildren here to play, now they've gone. My home's really warm, the wind can't blow inside, it's comfortable. Right here, right now, I'm scrawled over my computer desk, the two cats and babies are really well-behaved, they're asleep again. Right here, right now, everything's good, the only thing that's lacking is something to bother me, though there are plenty of things to distrub me, although there aren't really that many.

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