Monday, November 27, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Judging the winners has finished, City of God, the side of a lying-down horse)

Translation of 老徐's 评奖结束 上帝之城 大侧马趴 entry:

The work of judging the winners finished yesterday, there was almost no disputes over the big awards, on the other hand, there were non-stop arguments over the small awards. My colleagues on the judging committee are really likeable, they judged objectively and really showed how they followed the principles of the awards. Even as they got flushed as they argued one film over another, that didn't affect our personal relationships with each other. The final decision of course came down to the minority giving up to the majority. No awards have yet been given out, I'll keep this secret for now.

My work's finished, the shops have all closed too, the European work hours are really short. During a week they only spend about 3 whole days at work and at noon they have a really long afternoon lap. On Sunday, apart from the restaurant, everything's closed. I really don't know how their economy managed to develop.

The prices in Greece are relatively cheap, I've heard it said that this is due to Europe being the fourth kind of quality. On the first day they got here, Yi Bai Xiong (一白兄) and Xiao Wu Xian (小伍贤) walked all the way and only decided to take a taxi after they had both caught a cold. They later found out it only cost 20 RMB. They both left yesterday, it feels lonely all of a sudden.

I really miss my small kittens, my mum says that they're all fine, Wei Qun (围裙) gets naughtier everyday, Wei Bo Er (围脖儿) everyday plays the part of an experienced cat, giving special favour like a bullied little thing. I want to go home, home, home.

You get what you wish for, a few days ago I said I liked City of God (上帝之城), when I got here I met one of the directors of the film, she's also one of the members on the judging committee this time, a beautiful blonde girl. She looks a bit like Jodie Foster (朱迪福斯特), we really enjoyed talking to each other and we agreed to make a film together. Before she filmed City of God, she once filmed a documentary over four years about Brazilian youths dealing in drugs, there were two times when she was almost locked up in a police station, the reason being that she was so close to the drug dealers. When the film was premiered in Brazil, the police and drug dealers had a huge meeting. The second day after the premier finished, she was called to the police station again, for the same reason, it was both a really dangerous and really interesting kind of experience.

Before I wrote on this blog, the day before yesterday when I was on the way to watch a film I fell sprawled over the floor, I strictly said I was sprawled out sidewards, a few people walking by helped me stand up, I acted like it was nothing, quickly thanked the people who helped me and continued to run to the cinema. After I got in the cinema and lifted up the trouser leg, I saw I broke my knee. Up to now, it's still there.

I feel like I've got so many things to do, as I sit in front of the computer talking about this and that, I feel I can't concentrate. Soon, the president of the judging committee, the famous mother of independent film productions, Ms. Christian (克里斯汀) invited everyone for a meal. Bo Xue's (博学) ankle is inflamed so he hasn't got up yet, I heard from the people who ate earlier there there are a lot of things to eat today, I'm too lazy to go as well, I've got to arrange my luggage, the day after next, I set out, to return home.

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