Friday, November 17, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Before leaving, my detailed plan for donations and multimedia libraries)

Translation of 老徐's 出发前的多媒体图书馆捐赠计划第一期详细汇报 entry:

I'm leaving tonight, I'm going to give everyone a detailed report of the first stage of the charity sale. This matter must be made completely transparent. I'll let everyone know exactly where their contributions have gone to, this is also the original motivation for me to set up this fund.

Soon, the charity sale will sell three pieces of clothing, Han Han's (韩寒), mine and Bo Xue's (博学) altogether collecting around 9000 RMB, in addition there's the person who doesn't wish to give out his name who has donated 50,000 RMB. It adds up to 59,000. The two people who bought the charity clothes also don't want to reveal their names, it seems everyone wants to be anonymous heroes, I'm very thankful.

I also want to thank Zhang Hong (长虹) who donated three sets of 5.1 home cinema sound systems, model number: AV-3008&SV-6115, three sets of earphones. And moreover, the president has show an interest in supporting this activity for a while.

Thanks to a publishing house, who wants to remain anonymous, for giving us specialist software for vocalising documents for the blind.

Thanks to another man who wants to remain anonymous. He is extraordinary with IT and he's promised to provide free maintainance and support for the computers in each school.

Thanks to TsingHua TongFang's (清华同方) discount prices: for 2840 RMB, they gave us this computer: Chao Yang (超扬) V210. Which is made of: CPU speed 3.0G, memory 256M, hard disk 80G, 17" monitor, sound card and video card integrated into the machine and with a silver-black colour case.

And there's AMD, who were eager to provide us with a lot of help and support.

Although there are many boring people in this world, there are more people with good intentions, I respect them.

The activities this time will provide these three braille schools will equipment, soon they will be delivered:

It comes to 9 computers, 9 copies of vocalising software, 9 earphones, 300 braille books. Of the 59,000 from careful counting and strict budgeting and adding on the enterprise's donation support, still remains a few thousand, we're leaving it for the next set of schools to use, they'll really survive well.

The difference between the three schools are: Zhang Jia Kou (张家口) special needs school. Shang Dong He Ze (山东荷泽) special needs centre. Shang Dong Lin Yi (山东临沂) special needs centre.

Ok, report finished and now I can go to Greece with my heart at ease. Once again thanks very much.

Our goal is to help blind people, we want to donate more than a hundred multimedia libraries to the special needs school. Right now we've only just started, the charity sale is still in progress, Rome wasn't built in a day, everyone continue working hard.

The charity sale and donation section's website:

I need to tidy my things before I leave, this journey is a long one. If while I'm on the road, someone battles with my land owner then that'll be great.

I really can't bare leaving my kittens.

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