Thursday, November 16, 2006

Translating 老徐 (My friend, Gong Zhe, two pictures)

This is the translation of 老徐's 宫哲小朋友(图两张) entry:

I've finally finished the five consecutive days of photography work, in the afternoon there was plenty of light in my bedroom.

There's quite a lot of housework to do, I need to arrange food and drink for the three darling kittens while I'm away. I need to take a lot of things to Greece, camera, videocamera, computer, make-up bag, formal clothes and everyday clothes. I feel like collapsing.

But then, I'm still looking forward to going to Greece, I always hear about the beautiful rumours going on there. It's a pity I don't have time to stay for a couple of more days. I need to come back home when I finish work. To begin with, I wanted to hibernate over winter, I didn't think that instead, the end of the year is when I'd have the biggest mix of things to do. I've got no choice but to push myself and get through this, It's good that in a few more years it'll be quiet when I'm in my middle years. Every so often I always have to push myself like this, having the peace and quiet once I'm in my middle and late years seems as if it's the best reward. Anyway, whenever I think about this, my worries come to an end. I don't want to think deeper about these things, I'm tired from rushing everything, moreover there's no point in thinking about all this, if I think too much I'll instead confuse myself. I'll sunbathe and eat white sugar. Possibly a phrase meaning ignorance is bliss (我晒太阳我吃白糖)

Wei Qun's (围裙) caught a bit of a cold …… he sneezes and has a runny nose, I'm worried for him …… in the afternoon I'll give him an injection.

My friend Gong Zhe (宫哲) is also taking part in the charity sale, everyone knows her right? She starred in You and Me 《我们俩》 as that little girl, her original specialty was shooting films, she's currently still studying in the Central Academy of Fine Arts (中央美术学院), I've talked about her before. I've taken a few photos of her, as below:

(Another photo at 老徐's blog)

She took the photos she's taken, put them in a photo frame and brought them for the charity sale. When I see her, I often think about myself. That year, if I got what I wished for and passed the exams for the Fine Arts school, I'd be pretty much like her, that's why I feel close to her.

This is an extremely cute girl, she laughs like a small idiot (why haven't I been able to find the photo of her looking like a small idiot, let me keep looking), when she's not laughing, she always seems to be thinking something and staring into the distance. She's very much like me in terms of that —— I don't mean to boast, I just want to show a few facts, that's all ……

Very soon, the managers will take her film-produced work to be sold for charity and take it to the back of the fresh flowers village (鲜花村) shop. Please, everyone pay attention to it.

How come noone is boasting for me saying I took the pictures well? Boast quickly ……


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