Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Translating 老徐 (Thessaloniki photos, 6 photos)

The sunset, in the old city area looking down on the whole of Thessaloniki.

(Five more pictures on her blog)
From the judging committee —— Pi Ai Er (皮埃尔) and Ka Di Ya (卡蒂亚) ( City of God's 《上帝之城》 beautiful director)
The sign for this year's film festival, the photos are of things (嘎嘣) I've never been before (if you don't understand read my earlier blog posts).
Three darling members of the judging committee: a married couple, a child (from the left: a playwright from Denmark and the director Morgan (摩根斯) and the Spanish director Cartier, (卡蒂亚)).
The coast after we finished eating.
The hotel opposite the main film festival building, where people stayed. The place where we rested for a while while transferring to the next place.

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