Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Translating 老徐 (A sailboat, a long coastline, old people selling lottery tickets, me, three pictures)

I've now watched five of the films that are competing, there's one good Mexico film, a film about young people, the woman inside it is extremely beautiful. After watching it, I feel relaxed all over. There's another Ning Ba (拧吧) film, I'll describe how it looks a bit later, in my respect my worst two experiences of watching films ……

Lazy and I've taken too many photos and am slowly uploading them. Many Chinese directors arrived last night in Greece, Yi Bai Xiong (一白兄), Xiao Wu (小伍), Da Ming Chen (大明陈), today I heard they're still constantly coming, there're too many people that have come for this too, I'm really busy, as if there're only a few people, don't think of it.


(Two more pictures on her blog)


Anonymous said...

wow~~~good work~where are you from?

sino-angle said...

Thanks, I still have some problems with idioms though... I'm originally from Wuhan then moved to the UK before I started going to school. And now I'm in Cambridge.